BigHand are the global market leader in dictation software for legal and medical professionals. Working with strategic consultancy Heavenly we developed a brand and identity that made them feel like the cutting edge tech company they are, and gives them room to expand into a world way beyond dictation.

To prove their credentials as innovators and attract new clients beyond their dictation heartland, BigHand needed an idea that would help them tell their story more clearly and powerfully. And they needed it to be brought to life in a far more inspirational way – fit for a pioneering software company not a dull legal dictation firm.

BigHand’s software frees up time for lawyers and medical professionals to focus on the big things. This insight lead to the the big idea behind the new brand – Make Big Happen. BigHand’s not just about getting the little things done faster, it’s about getting the big things done better, powering the big achievements of busy professionals around the world.

Based on the combination of a hand and a bar chart, their new logo reflects the achievements that BigHand helps power, and informs the bright graphic language and playful illustrations throughout the identity. Designed with digital in mind, we helped them roll out the brand across their website and other key online and offline channels.

Brand idea

Make Big Happen

Big, bold, bright

With such a singular idea behind the brand we needed an identity with instant impact. That meant stripping away the complexity to create a bold, confident and instantly identifiable identity.