Brentford FC



Brentford is a small club with big ambitions. They’re moving to a new 20,000 seater stadium in 2018 and aim to be playing Premier League football by the time they move in. We’ve been working with them closely on their brand since late 2014, helping them lay the foundations for sustained success off the field as well as on it.

Brentford’s brand was inconsistent, unclear and lacked any coherent message. It needed to be refreshed to support their ambitious growth strategy and better reflect what the club means to their loyal fans. The key was to create forward-thinking but relevant identity – something that could help attract a new generation of fans and sponsors, but still reflected the down-to-earth, community club feel that sets them apart from their rivals.

Having spoken at length to key fan groups, directors, players and management it became clear that Brentford is a club unlike any other. Traditionally overshadowed by its more glamorous west London rivals, it’s a true community club in an age of corporate football megabrands. But that’s only part of the story. Inspired by their visionary owner, they’re arguably the most forward-thinking club in Europe in terms of analytics, scouting and innovative use of data.

Our positioning of 'London's local club' reflects this fascinating tension. To grow, Brentford need to be recognised as an ambitious London Club, as much a part of the world’s most dynamic footballing city as Arsenal, Chelsea or Spurs. But whatever success or money comes their way, they’ll always stay true to their local roots.

Inspired by the red and white stripes the Bees have played in since 1926, we created a flexible identity system that's rooted in tradition but designed for a digital world. Since launch we've been busy rolling out the brand across everything from stadium signage to social media and cross channel campaigns, forming a close relationship with the club as they prepare for exciting times ahead.

Brand positioning

London's local club

Making fans the heroes

Rather than focus solely on players like most other clubs, we made the fans the hero of the identity, commissioning a range of photography and films that captures the community spirit at the heart of the club.

Home and Away, the Brentford way

Glitzy big budget kit launch campaigns aren’t the Brentford way. To launch their new home and away kits we went back to basics, shooting stylish but down-to-earth portraits of their star players in the Griffin Park dressing rooms to create the basis for our campaign.

Growing a new generation

Building a new generation of Brentford fans is a vital strategic objective of the club. We restructured their membership offer to give the different age ranges of their younger fans a more customised experience and strengthen their relationship with the club.

“From day one Article threw themselves into the project with enthusiasm, building up a detailed understanding of our club, our fans and our culture. They’ve translated it clearly and imaginatively into all areas of our brand, through insightful strategy and outstanding creative work across all our key channels. The ideal partner for a forward-thinking club like ours.”

Kurt Pittman, Head of Marketing