Chance to Shine



In just 10 years cricket charity Chance to Shine has introduced over 2.5 million young people to the game and its benefits, quickly becoming a fundamental part of grassroots cricket in the UK. They challenged us to develop a story and identity that would unify their organisation, clarify their difference and inspire their complex audiences – from kids on the ground to individual donors and blue chip commercial partners.

Having interviewed over 20 external stakeholders and ran workshops with a further 30 staff members (plus a few England cricketers) we developed a positioning based on Chance to Shine’s unparalleled reach and their overarching belief in cricket’s power to inspire, unite and educate. ‘Spreading the power of cricket’ sums up their mission and informs all aspects of their new brand, messaging and identity.

We simplified Chance to Shine’s whole brand architecture and organisational structure, rebranding their parent charity from The Cricket Foundation, and renaming their core programmes Chance to Shine Schools and Chance to Shine Street. Unifying their brands under one name lead to us developing a Chance to Shine Street brand that was clearly connected to the charity but felt different enough to talk to their older audience groups and attract separate commercial partners.

Chance to Shine is both a consumer-facing charity and a cricket brand so we needed an identity that would help them stand out in both contexts. Based on the combination of a batsman’s wagon wheel and a spark, the yellow lines of the ‘Spark’ logo represent their ambition to spread the power of cricket far and wide. Graphically they’re simple to work with, making it easy for Chance to Shine’s many partners to make things recognisable and original but still on brand.

Launch to coincide with their 10 year anniversary, Chance to Shine’s new brand has reinvigorated all areas of the charity. Fundraising donations are up, Lycamobile have come on board as sponsor of their Street programme and staff say they’re prouder than ever to be working for the organisation.

Brand idea

Spreading the power of cricket

Who we are

Chance to Shine is a national charity on a mission to spread the power of cricket through schools and communities

What we did

Unify the organisation
A united brand architecture for the charity and Schools and Street programmes

Clarify the story
A big idea that sums up their mission, sets them apart and drives the brand forward

Inspire complex audiences
Targeted, impactful communications that talk to kids, donors and partners


Since launching the new brand in January 2015 individual donations have increased significantly and the Schools and Street programmes have attracted two new major partners, Waitrose and Lycamobile

“Article helped us to navigate the internal and external minefields inherent in rebranding a charity. They have delivered sound strategic thinking and superb creative work, applying clear logic to what can be a notoriously subjective and emotionally-charged process. Everyone has felt involved and our whole organisation has been lifted by the new brand."

Fabian Devlin, Director of Communications