Founded by a group of leading management consultants, analysts and technologists, Concentra is a unique kind of analytics consultancy. We worked together to clarify their point of difference, simplify their brand architecture, and overhaul their identity, website and communications.

Concentra’s products and offer are at the cutting edge of the industry, but their brand was outdated, dull and confused. They were struggling to separate all the innovative things they were doing from what their customers needed to know. They needed to find a way of communicating their complex offer far more simply, and a clear overarching idea that would make their opinion and purpose clear.

Concentra do everything from consulting to product development to business analysis. The one thing that unites it all is helping organisations understand, act on and take advantage of their data. That insight lead us to the positioning of ‘The analytics edge’, an idea that moves them away from talking about complex technical concepts and fuzzy buzzwords like ‘big data’ to focussing on the business benefits they deliver. Across industries data is changing the nature of competition – Concentra help their clients win.

Concentra’s new visual identity is inspired by the bright colours and graphic shapes of data visualisation.
 Visually the edge is represented by a simple diagonal line and our brand imagery puts Concentra’s outstanding people at the heart of the brand, capturing them and their thinking in a warm but sophisticated way.
 We also rethought their digital approach from top to bottom, creating a modern site that communicates their complex offer much more clearly and powerfully.


To give our clients the analytics edge

What we do

We transform how organisations manage and use their data

 "For anyone else going through a branding process, getting a group of highly opinionated people to agree on a theme, style or slogan requires patience and compromise. Don't try to do it alone! We're really grateful to the great team at Article for all their help.”

Ben Scott-Knight, Sales & Marketing Director