Launched in 2013 with funding from the Cabinet Office, Big Lottery Fund and The Accord Group, Solve runs a range of programmes to help entrepreneurs get their social start-ups off the ground. We developed a brand strategy, name and visual identity system to help them articulate their approach, attract high-quality applicants and deliver their ambitious growth strategy.

Solve is an innovative organisation with a powerful social purpose and a cutting edge model, but their original brand didn’t reflect that. They struggled to communicate a complex idea in simple, human way and their design lacked focus and energy. Like many other organisations in the sector they had a tendency to over-intellectualise, which risked putting off the very audience they wanted to attract.

Our new brand positioning ‘Problem Solvers’ reflects their uniquely hands-on approach to social innovation and ambition to attract normal people who wouldn’t traditionally consider themselves social entrepreneurs. The aim was to strip everything back to the bare bones, giving them a positioning, name, story and identity that reflected their overarching social purpose rather than the intricacies of their model.

Out of this clear positioning territory came a puzzle-inspired logo and graphic identity that clearly communicates their brand idea across all touch points, from the typeface to their icons and graphic language. We also developed a punchy, faff-free brand language inspired by problem solving, typified in the equation-based strap line ‘Problem ÷ People = Change’.

Point of view

Society’s problems aren’t someone else’s, they’re all of ours. We believe it’s up to all of us to solve them.

Core thought

Passionate people with great ideas can solve society’s biggest problems

"Right from the off Article’s quality of thinking and clarity of approach stood out. They understood the challenge of clearly articulating what we do straight away. They came up with a strong identity that captures the essence of what we do – when it comes down to it we’re all about helping everyone solve social problems that matter to them.”

Alison Harvie, Chief Operating Officer