Velon is a new initiative from the world’s leading pro cycling teams. It aims to foster greater collaboration between teams, create new ways to engage with fans and ultimately build a stronger more sustainable sport. Simply put, they are Making Cycling Better.

Previously known as Project Avalon, the initiative needed a new direction in order to appeal to broader audiences, attract new partners and teams and allow for future brand extensions. Working in collaboration with Silk Road Marketing we were asked to devlelop a name and identity for the new initiative, and communications to help them launch it to the world’s media.

With so many potential brand extensions, from content to events to apps, we needed a name that could be a blank canvas for us to build meaning into, but also symbolised the optimistic, ambitious viewpoint of the brand. ‘Velon' captured this spirit in an ownable and recognisable way, and – as our international naming checks proved – was flexible enough to work for their English, European and global audiences.

Based on the geometry of a bicycle frame as well as the letter ‘V’, the triangular shapes of the logo are used as a house for content and reflected in all areas of the brand experience online and offline. We also built flexibility into the logo, enabling each of the 11 teams (and any future members) to customise the design using their brand colours, helping initial uptake and contributing to the collective, open feel of the brand.

Who we are

Velon is a collective of professional cycling teams working together to make road racing stronger and more sustainable.

Brand principles

Between teams, organisers and governing bodies

Creating a more sustainable financial future for teams

Bringing fans closer to the riders, races and teams

"The development of Velon will allow the teams to work together and help find new innovations to grow the sport, keep fans excited and attract new followers.”

Chris Froome, Tour De France Winner